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Local Mission

The Upper Bucks Sertoma Club is open to all and gives SERvice TO MANkind through volunteering and fundraising activities that provide support to individuals and families in the Upper Bucks community.  The club accomplishes this while developing fellowship, friendship, and leadership among those who serve.

Along with this mission:

About Upper Bucks Sertoma


Have questions? Call us at 267-374-1498 r send email to ubsertoma@gmail.com

Upper Bucks Sertoma Club is a 501(c)3 organization. Copyright © 2017 Upper Bucks Sertoma Club All Rights Reserved.



Fundraising Activities  

Community Service

Honoring Community Members

We love to honor local members of the community who have demonstrated great service.  We will invite them to a dinner an honor them with the award.

Click here for a nomination application.

We celebrate two groups of people:

Click Here for a nomination application.

Local 5th graders are invited to write an essay on a topic related to community, country or charity.  These essays are all read and the top essayist from each school is invited to breakfast to read their essay and also receive an award.